a) Purpose of collecting personal information:
Providing services to customers and management.
Using consumer personal information for the purpose of managing the database of Consumers and promptly handling arising situations (if any).
b) Scope of information use:
• Providing services to Consumers;
• Send notices of communications between Consumers and Aseanwindow.
• Prevent activities of destroying, appropriating a Consumer user account or other fraudulent activities of Consumers.
• Communicating and resolving complaints with Consumers;
• Confirmation and exchange of information about Consumer transactions at Aseanwindow.
• In case of request from competent state management agencies.
c) Time of information storage:
There is no time limit, except for the case that the Consumer sends cancellation request to the Board of Directors of the Company.
d) Persons or organizations that may have access to that information:
Consumers agree that, where necessary, the following agencies / organizations / individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information, including:
• Board.
• Third party with service integration with Website:
• Authorized state agency in case of request according to the regulations in operation regulations.
• Financial advisor, legal and audit firm.
• Complainant proves the consumer violation.
• At the request of the competent state authority.
dd) Address of the unit collecting and managing information, including the way of contacting consumers to ask about the collection and processing of information related to themselves:
Window Company Limited Aseanwindow.
Head Office - Warehouse: 31 Vo Van Van, Tan Tao Ward - Binh Tan District - HCMC.
Factory: C6A / 35 Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc B, Binh Chanh, City. HCM City.
Showroom: 191 Le Trong Tan, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM City.

Hotline: 0902.988.667 - 0938.054.358 - 0906.896.226
e) Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the e-commerce system of the information gathering unit.
Consumers have the right to request checking, updating, correcting or destroying their personal information by asking Administrators to do so.
Consumers have the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of their personal information to third parties to the Board of Directors.
Upon receiving these responses, Aseanwindow will confirm the information, take responsibility for answering the reason and guide Consumers to recover and secure the information.
Forms of receiving consumer complaint information:
i) Via email:
ii) By phone: 0938 054 358
=> Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints related to personal information being used for the wrong purpose or scope announced.
=> This policy must be clearly visible to consumers before or at the time of information collection.

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