Steel core plastic door

 a)       Material origin:


Dalian Shide Group was established in 1992 and has over 20 years of experience in the the field of uPVC profile manufacturing, Shide Group is one of the largest chemical construction material manufacturers in the world. From 2007 till now, Aseanwindow is one of the only companies authorized by Shide Dalian Group to distribute Sparlee uPVC profiles in Vietnam market.


Color: white, grey and wooden


 Accessories from famous brands such as: GQ, Roto, Hopo, Asean


 Reinforced steel cores have thickness from 1.2mm to 1.5mm


Glass: single glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, double glass…


Warranty policy: warranty 10 years on white and grey profiles, 2 years on wooden profiles, 1 year on accessories of Asean, 01 years on GQ, 5 years on Roto and Hopo


b)       uPVC profile structure:


Sparlee profiles are manufactured from uPVC, a combination of uPVC and additives (impact resistance, anti-aging, long lasting and inflammable components even at high temperatures...) The profile  has a box-shaped structure and can be divided into many compartments.  Thickness: from 2 to 3mm.  Sound and heat proof. Reinforced steel cores increase the load bearing ability of doors and windows.


- Advantages of reinforced steel core uPVC doors and windows are compared to common doors and windows:

Reinforced steel core Upvc doors and windows have high stability while thin aluminum doors deform easily when being bumped or hard impact, iron doors are more durable, but the painting is sloughed easily, after 2- 3 year must to be repainted. In addition, products from uPVC with anti-oxidation coating, the reinforced steel core uPVC door can be stable for more than 10 years without yellowing depending on the using environment 


Superior sound - thermal insulation: made of low thermal conductivity material with box-shape designs, the soundproofing and heat insulation of these doors are higher than other doors.



High aesthetics, luxurious, shiny colors are a great advantage doors and windows that customers should choose to enhance the beauty of architecture.




High economic efficiency: with the development of life in Vietnam, there is increasing airconditions in the construction architectures, insulation also saves electricity. The maintenance and repairing costs of uPVC doors and windows almost are not arised because they are easy to clean


 Safety: they are very durable and stable under normal condition, but still limited to against all destruction and extreme conditions.

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Vision - Mission
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Awards - Achievements
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