Aluminium xingfa door

Material origin:


Xingfa Aluminum profiles are imported from the Guangdong Xingfa aluminum company. XingFa Aluminum company was established in 1984, and is a well-known large scale manufacturer of aluminum for both architectural and serving industries. On March 31, 2008 the company was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange No. 0098.

In 2016, Aseanwindow officially signed a contract with Guangdong Xingfa company to become one of the only Xingfa Aluminum distributors in Vietnam.

Colors: Xingfa Aluminum with a variety of colors to meet customers requirements: rough grey, black, white, brown, wooden oak....


Accessories for aluminum door and window including 3H


 Warranty: 5-year warranty on the color of the profile, 2 years on accessories. Particularly for wooden oak aluminum, 3-year warranty on Chinese wooden films, 5 years and 10 years on Italian wooden films.


b) Structure of profile:

Manufactured from aluminum alloy profiles that combine aluminum and additives (impact resistance, wind pressure, no oxidation, etc.)


Profiles are divided into many compartments, thickness from 1.8mm to 2mm, combined with 2 ribs to strengthen, series 55, 2001 (93/62), soundproofing, heat insulation, increased load-bearing capacity and resistant to impacts or twisting. Aluminum profile is powder coated by AKZO NOBEL- EU technology and increases the durability of the aluminum to be resistant to the hot and humid climate of Vietnam.  Colour does not change in use.

 c) Advantages of xingfa aluminum doors and windows

 Sound insulation

Xingfa aluminum doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy profiles with many compartments combined with tight gaskets and matched accessories to create products with good sound and heat insulation.

 Watertight, airtight – helps save on air conditioning 

Wind pressure

 Xingfa aluminum casement doors have an anti-shock bar to resist wind impact. They can be used in winds with a pressure up to 1600 pascals. Safe to use for projects in stormy areas and tall buildings.

 Economic efficiency, Safety and Convenience

 Using Xingfa Aluminum products is the the best solution for saving energy for villas, tall buildings that have many sides that face sunlight.


The surface of the aluminium profiles are treated with a powder coating to ensure they are durable with a long lasting color that can survive the severe weather in Vietnam.


Xingfa aluminum doors and windows are strong and durable.


 Providing large and overview opening space.


 Diverse types of opening so customers can have many choices, provide large and overview opening space

Diverse styles and sizes suitable for many types of architecture, suitable Vietnamese habits


Maintenance and installation:


Favorable installation, they are perfect in both design and durability.


Xingfa aluminum windows and doors are easy to clean and maintain. Maintaining their original beauty.

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