Xingfa aluminum four sash doors are particularly suitable for large size installations. High aesthetic value, elegance, safety will interest customers in this design.
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Casement doors are used for the exterior of houses that require insulation from sound and heat


Xingfa aluminum four sash casement doors meet the maximum requirements when you need the largest opening space, used for the exterior of houses, pool doors or garden entrances.


Assembled from a high-class XINGFA aluminum profile. The hollow cavity structure, with ribbed supports and modern corner crimping technology creates a strong, safe form.


Highlights four sashes doors are opened with the largest aperture, which is soundproof, insulating and high tight even without threshold.


Flexible door designs can be turned inside or outside, opening with two or four sashes as required. Customers can also choose between opening sash and fix.


 Xingfa aluminum doors are durable, and do not warp with age.


Door surface is painted by powder for cleaning easily.


Wind impact resistance equivalent to wind class 12, with high heat resistance.




Xingfa aluminum profiles are imported from Xingfa Guangdong Company. Series 55, thickness 1.8mm-2mm is used for casement doors.

Glass: single glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, double glass.

Titebond tightens corners, and corner connector enhances the hardness of corners.


Double gasket system ensures tightness (can use Antas silicone instead of gasket).


Accessories: 3D hinges, double hinges, multi-point locking bar, handle, cylinder from famous brand 3H.