Awning windows are produced by Xingfa aluminum, series 55, are the best choice for building to avoid wind impact, sunburn and UV with durable over time, high safety, anti- aging surface.
CATEGORYS: Aluminium xingfa door

Windows can open at an angle of 45 degrees. Standard limiter stay can be used to support the windows in wind impact.



Awning window gives ventilation to a room without sunburn and pour

Easy cleaning and saving maintenance fee.


High insulation from sound and heat because windows are made of Xingfa profiles series 55 and EPDM gasket system with matched accessories 

High force resistance and safety.




Xingfa aluminum profiles are imported from Xingfa Guangdong Company. Series 55, thickness from 1.4mm.

Glass: single glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, double glass.

Titebond tightens corners, and corner connector enhances the hardness of corners.


Double gasket system ensures tightness (can use Antas silicone instead of gasket).


Accessories: A hinges, multi-point locking bar, handle


Color: white, black, unsmooth grey, brown…