CATEGORYS: Aluminium xingfa door

MATERIAL ORIGIN Thermal barrier energy saving in Xingfa aluminum is manufactured by Technoform Group Technoform Group was established in 1970 in Kassel, Germany, and is a top company in the world of uPVC and copper extrusion technology, Technoform Group provides materials for window and door industry such as windows and doors, curtain wall, glass, cars, aerospace and other insulating fields. Technoform BAUTEC is the world's largest supplier of polyamide based insulation materials and an important position in the development of insulation for aluminum windows and doors. Technoform BAUTEC has established stable and close cooperation with many window and curtain wall enterprises Polyamide has the feature of significantly improving the insulation properties of aluminum, insulates better than I-stips. The flat surface between the hammer and polyamide is prevented accumulating water. A "split" on the top of an I-strips, this split can be connected to the gasket and mades insulation system better. THERMAL BARRIER ENERGY SAVING ALUMINUM STRUCTURE Thermal barrier energy saving aluminum system includes 3 layers: 2 aluminum profiles are connected by thermal barrier energy saving what is made of Polyamide in the middle. POLYAMIDE plays a decisive role in the durability of thermal barrier energy saving aluminum, minimizing heat transfer, outstanding soundproofing of window and door. Polyamide in the Xingfa Guangdong aluminium profile is manufactured by Technoform BAUTEC, a member of Technoform Group, specializing in insulation materials for windows, doors and curtain wall. In Vietnam market, the polyamide in Xingfa Guangdong aluminum is warranted 15 YEARS. According to the research, thermal barrier energy saving aluminum insulates 30% better than normal aluminum. The polyamide layer is in the middle of the aluminum frame so it prevents the impact of outside temperatures on the door. All heat impact on the outer surface of the aluminum profile, passing the polyamide layer will be disappeared completely. The large thickness of aluminium with the hollow cavity structure also help to increase the insulation capacity of aluminum profiles. thermal barrier energy saving aluminum also designs the same doors as normal Xingfa aluminum, warranty 15 years on the polyamide and warranty 5 year on color of profiles