Four sashes folding doors are often used between large spaces or garden exit where needs to save opening space. Opening and closing does not affect the space and usable area of the room.
CATEGORYS: Steel core uPVC door

The door has many sashes and can open by folding and sliding on rails with casement sashes.


Doors have high sound insulation, thermal insulation and tightness.


Diverse sizes, styles, suitable for many types of architecture.


With two special types of opening on the same door system (folding and rotating), it offers many choices of open space for users.


Quantity of sash: 4 sashes, 6 sashes




Frame and sashes: are made of Sparlee uPVC profiles that are imported directly from Dalian Shide Group.


Reinforced steel cores have thickness 1.4-1.5mm.


Glass: single glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, double glass.


Double gasket system ensures tightness.


Accessories: Folding door hinges, multi-point locking bar, handle, cylinder from famous brands such as: ROTO, HOPO.

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