Sparlee outward casement window can be made in any size, and designed to be suitable for all architectural styles from apartments to offices, hotels
CATEGORYS: Steel core uPVC door

Usually there are two types of outward casement windows for customers to choose: with one or two sashes. With these two types of windows we have extremely rich and luxurious designs and styles to satisfy customers


Outward casement windows use A hinges, and can open to a maximum of 90 degrees.


The standard limiter means it can be opened in many different positions and avoid strong wind. It is very suitable for high buildings.


It can be configured double glass with a decoration bar, mullion according to customer requirements.




Frame and sashes: are made of Sparlee uPVC profiles that are imported directly from Dalian Shide Group.


Reinforced steel cores have thickness 1.2-1.35mm

Glass: using single glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, double glass.


Double gasket system ensures tightness.


Accessories: Friction Hinge,  handle, multi-point locking bar and can use bolt  for top and bottom or Clemon… from famous brands such as:  GQ


Antas Silicone