Xingfa aluminium without grooves is a new product to diversify Guangdong Xingfa's products, creates the difference and originality in removing 2 traditional grooves, they were replaced by surface what is luxurious, smooth, exact specification and Xingfa aluminium advantage.  

Name of new product: Xingfa aluminum without grooves (product was removed 2 groove on surfce of aluminum profile)

Xingfa alumium wihout grooves (left) - Xingfa alumium wth grooves (right)

Code of Xingfa aluminium without grooves:

- Casement door:

+ Outward sash caseement door: C18772

+ Inward sash casement door: C18782

+ Bottom horizontal sash door: C6614

+ Outware sash casement door with curved corner: C22912

ZaloXingfa aluminum series 55- casement door

- Casement window

+ Outward sash window : C18762

+ Outware sash casement window with curved corner: C22922

ZaloXingfa aluminum series 55- casement window

Color: White, brown, grey, black

Origin: imported

Manufactor: Guang Dong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd

Manufactory's scope: Guangdong Xingfa has 4 manufactories, output: 400.000 tons/ year

Production technology: using the most modern production technology, the main production equipment and testing equipment are imported from Germany, USA, Japan and Italy. The largest extruder is 6500 tons, meeting the production requirement of aluminum profiles used in construction, aviation, military, shipbuilding, railway. Surface treatment system with 2 largest vertical coating machines in Asia imported from Italy, the maximum length can be processed is 7.45m.

Zalo Xingfa thermal batteri energy saving aluminum without grooves

Warranty: 10 years on color

Outstanding advantages of Xingfa aluminum without grooves: originality of Xingfa aluminium is 2 traditional groove removing, they were replaced by surface what is luxurious, smooth. Alumium profile's specification and advantages were not changed.

Zalo Guangdong Xingfa aluminum

- Strong feature:

+ Strong structure of aluminum profiles what are manufactured according to international standards, can withstand all the pressures of wind and storm above level 12.

+ No warping, shrinkage, oxidation and rust over time like some conventional reinforced plastic door products in harsh climatic conditions or surface waters.

+ No termites like wooden door products. The profiles are painted by electrostatic paint with advanced paints and films imported from Italy so shelf life of the paint layer is almost unaffected and does not fade by hot weather like plastic and wooden products.

Zalo Xingfa alumium without groove

- High aesthetics

+ The aluminum system is assembled by many different aluminum profiles, it is not only durable but also high aesthetic, aluminum profiles are not simple with only boxy or square shaped sections like common aluminum, delete the roughness of metal.

+ Beside the popular white color, customers can choose wooded oak color to be matched the color of the house with types of film covered with iron wood grain, sliced wood, pine wood ... very luxurious and aesthetic.

+ Designed in combination with the aesthetic habits of Asians and the modern luxury of Europe, aluminum windows and doors give customers feeling of a strong house that is not rough, soft but not weak.

Zalo Xingfa aluminum without grooves

- Easy assembling:

+ High class Xingfa aluminum window and door system is easy to assemble with many different types of glass and locks available in Vietnam market, creating many choices for customers. It can make large windows and doors,  great curtain walls without worry about construction problems and safety during using.

- High class Xingfa aluminum window and door system is very easy and saves time for cleaning and maintenance. Using this product can minimize space for small project, narrow corner areas but still ensure ventilation and convenience, very good soundproofing ability and completely avoid rainwater entering the house, including heavy rains. Quick and convenient opening and closing.

Zalo Guangdong Xingfa aluminum


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